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Without a doubt more info on that is your hero that is female in?

Without a doubt more info on that is your hero that is female in?

11 February 2021 may be the Overseas Day of females and Girls in Science, to identify the critical part ladies and girls perform in technology and technology communities. Being a college that strives for variety, we seize this minute to commemorate our feminine heroes in technology. And exactly how fitting for the lustrum theme: Heroes Like You year.

Eight people in the TU/e community placed their female hero in technology in the limelight. Yes, you’ll probably recognize some names that are famous record, but you’ll take for a couple shocks aswell.

Get prompted by these hero that is fantastic, whom did groundbreaking work, who inspired young generations and that are a good example for everybody to help keep doing that which you like, regardless of what the obstacles are.

That is your female hero in science? Write to us through the hashtag TUE65!

Rosalind Franklin

Chosen by: Rakshita Verma, PDEng Trainee, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry

Who was simply she?

“Rosalind Franklin had been a chemist and discovered the helix framework of DNA by using X-ray diffraction. Although she made a significant share to technology, she never ever received a Noble Prize because of it as she passed on. Individuals bear in mind James Watson and Francis Crick with their Noble Prize regarding the helix framework of DNA, but if it absolutely wasn’t for Franklin, they may not need had the oppertunity to produce it.”

Exactly why is she a hero for your needs?