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Work with Canada once you graduate: just how to use

Work with Canada once you graduate: just how to use

You can easily make an application for a post-graduation work license (PGWP) from inside Canada or offshore, so long as you’re eligible.

You’ve got up to 180 times to utilize for a PGWP once you get the

  • level
  • diploma
  • transcript, or
  • formal page from your own college

In the event the study permit will expire before you obtain your marks, you’ve got 2 options. It is possible to

  • submit an application for a visitor record to longer stay in Canada, or
  • keep Canada thereby applying for your PGWP

In case your research license expires just before use

You have up to mylol.com 90 days after your study permit expires to apply for a PGWP and restore your status as a student if you don’t change your status to visitor and your study permit expires.

To bring back your status as being pupil, you have to

  • apply online for your PGWP and pay the proper cost ($255), and
  • Pay the fee to restore your status as a learning student($350)
    • As a result of system restrictions, candidates need to pay the costs to displace their status as a learning student online and connect a copy associated with the receipt to their PGWP on line application. Candidates need not make an application that is separate restore their status as being a student.

You can’t work until your study license and work permit were authorized.

You must leave Canada if you don’t apply within the 90 days, or if the 90 days have already passed.

Ensure you get your documents prepared

Just before can put on for the PGWP, you want

  • An letter that is official your college that confirms you’ve finished your research system
  • the state transcript, or a duplicate of one’s transcript from your own school’s site